Scratch-Built Heinrich Progress(?)

Tuesday afternoon–before I blew up a garage door–I also made a giant step forward on that scratch-built Heinrich I’m working on. Check it out… I painted it dark gray. Actually, there was a point to that. The reason it’s painted gray is to see how well I’ve managed to hide the various seams along the exterior using putty and sandpaper. The answer? Not bad, but needs improvement. In short, I’ll need to go back over a few areas with sandpaper, then putty, then sandpaper, and then paint. Again. I’d originally thoguht that I’d leave some of the seams in, but the more I think about that, the worse I think that idea is. He’s supposed to look like a Heinrich–not a sideways helicopter. So, I think all the seams need to go.
Since this is supposed to be a somewhat upgraded Heinrich (the "Heinrich II"), I’m making some general changes to the "standard" Heinrich design. The first thing I’m going to do is leave that piece on the front of the torso. This makes him look more like the Gustav design, but that’s okay. He’s actually going to incorporate other elements from the Gustav before all is said and done, anyways. The second change is the backpack/engine. I’ve mulled around some ideas on this, and actually came up with a course of action on where to go with this. The short of it is that I’ll be looking through my scrap pile. I’ll be looking for aircraft fuselage pieces that are close to the same width as the torso. From there, it’s going to be putty, a little bit of sculpting, a photo-etch grill, and some fake engine parts. And somewhere in there needs to be an exhaust, too.
Another idea I’m toying with is giving the thing a USB light. The Gustav actually has instructions on how to run an LED through the torso to put a light on the front. I figure I’ll take this one step further and see if I can’t find an appropriately sized USB LED and mount that in this torso.
Outside of that, I’m continuously looking at Maschinen Kriger reference material (like here, here, and here; for starters). I’m still not 100% sure where I’m going with this silly thing, but I’ve got more ideas than I did two days ago. That’s something. And, at this pace, I should be finished by the deadline in nine months.

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