Is This Progress?

Well, I’ve got a little more done on the Heinrich torso, but I think it’d be a stretch to call it "progress" of any real sort. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I opted to cover up all the existing seams on the torso, so I applied the putty and I haven’t even bothered to sand it off yet.
Of note–possibly of interest–is the kit pictured behind the torso: the Academy 1:48 "Hughes 500D Tow Helicopter". The reason this is interesting is because it contains the donor parts for at least three distinct Maschinen Krieger kits. The body of the helicopter, as already demonstrated, can be cut to length and used as a Heinrich torso. The imaging piece on the front of the helicopter (I believe) is the same imaging piece from the front of the Raptor or Prowler. And the armament mounted to the side of the helicopter just happens to be the Gustav arms (with a little modification).
So many possibilities… And considering that the kit only cost me $4.78 new, I may build a small stockpile of them–just for parts. Probably not, but it’s a nice idea.
The thing that’s really slowing me down on the Heinrich right now is trying to figure out exactly what I’m going to do with the back of him. I’ve looked through scrap kits, but didn’t see anything particularly helpful. I found one piece from the original helicopter kit that I might try to use. Aside from that, I’m just not sure. It’s slowed me down for long enough, though. I’ll get going on the rest of the body and come back to figuring that out later.

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