More Scratch-Work On The Heinrich

So over the weekend, I got a little bit more done on the Heinrich. Not a lot, mind you, but some important steps. Thanks to feedback on the Maschinen Krieger forums, I came up with an important lead on shaping the backpack for the Heinrich II: A 1/12 Tamiya motorcycle kit. For obvious reasons, I opted not to use the same motorcycle that the original Heinrich part came from–this is supposed to be a successor to the original Heinrich, after all. Instead, I picked up some sort of 1/12 Yamaha endurance bike. And I found a part that’s going to make a beautiful backpack for this thing. It looks like the same style as the Heinrich backpack piece, but isn’t even close to an exact duplicate–which is pretty-much what I was shooting for.
So after trimming up that piece, I cut some paper around it, traced that paper to styrene, and cut the styrene out. Thus, I have a rough "riser" for the backpack. I still need to add some fiddly bits to it to fill out the empty areas of styrene better, but I have ideas on that.
With that major hurdle overcome, I’m very encouraged by where this thing is going. I’ve got miles to go yet, but I’m not nearly as worried about how I’m going to get there anymore. The sad part is sacrificing a $20 kit for just one single part that I had to butcher up for my Heinrich. I need to come up with some sort of plan for salvaging some more of that. I have a few ideas, but they’re a ways off yet.
So next, I need to finish up the backpack. That’s going to consist of finishing the "riser" (using mostly angle styrene, but possibly some square tube styrene, as well), adding fiddly bits, and probably using some Milliput to make some weld-lines (which will also serve to help hide the seams between the body and the engine riser). Progress! And more than just filling a seam. That’s something.

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