Still Working On The Backpack

So I’ve been messing with the backpack a little bit over the last few days, and it’s getting there. It’s not done yet, but I’m making progress. Since I last wrote, I boxed out the backpack "riser" and attached the motorcycle piece. I smoothed out (via Xacto knife) the area where the exhaust is going to come out. From there, I looked through my scrap pile until finally settling on some wheel part from a 1:48 Revell P-40. I took a pin vise (tiny hand-drill) and drilled eight small holes around the outside of the "ring". Now it looks like some sort of collar to lock the exhaust in place. After that was done, I added "fiddly bits" from a 1:72 Hasegawa B-25J and some brass bits from a 1:144 Morser from Dragon. Oh, and some sort of piece from that Minicraft/Hasegawa Hughes 500 helicopter that started this whole thing.
After all that, I mixed up some Milliput and tried to put a weld "bead" around the edge of the riser–where it meets the torso. Although that’s the point where I took the picture, I didn’t leave it on there. I really didn’t like the way it looked. So… I pulled it off (also via Xacto knife) before it had cured and re-applied it more as a "filler" to just fill the gaps between the styrene riser and the torso. This will be sanded smooth after it has cured.
As for the exhaust, I haven’t come up with any great ideas for rebuilding a Heinrich exhaust, so I think I may just end up using the one left over from the Luna Pawn. It’s a perfect fit in that collar, and it looks sharp when painted in Model Masters "rust". So much for the self-imposed "no Ma.K. kits" rule.
After I clean up the Milliput, I still need to add some sort of Heinrich-inspired connector on the bottom piece. I’m not sure what I’m going to do there, but it’s simple enough that I’m not overly concerned about it. Yet. After that, I’ll probably tackle the arm-sockets, the front of the torso, and the cockpit–not necessarily in that order.
Here’s a quick run-down of the kits I’ve involved in this build so far:
  • 1:48 Hughes 500MD (Minicraft/Hasegawa)
  • 1:12 Kawasaki KR1000F (Tamiya)
  • 1:48 P-40 (Revell)
  • 1:72 B-25J Mitchell (Hasegawa)
  • 1:144 Mörser Odin (Dragon)
… And that list is just going to get longer.

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