Short Heinrich Update

I’m getting lazy. Or busy. Not sure which. At any rate, here’s my latest update, copied almost word-for-word from my message board post on the same subject:
Last night, I re-worked the weld beads into something more in-scale. This article at ArmoramA was a huge help. The other area I began work on last night was the lower part of the back–the part where I believe the original PKA/Heinrich connected to the Hornisse. Well, for lack of a donor part, I decided to play around with it a bit and ended up with some 1:72 T34 wheels wedged inside two pieces of 5/32" styrene pipe. I did have to drill out the pipe and sand the edges of the road wheels a bit, but I got them in there. They’re slightly bigger and more off to the side than the Heinrich, but they do add some nice detail there, and they look like some sort of next-gen connector over the stock Heinrich (USB 2.0 for the SDR?). Unless I come up with something I like better, I’ll probably try to find a way to work these in to the final design. Who knows… Someday I may come up with a Hornisse 2.0 to go with it.  

The exhaust pipe is also sticky-tack’d into place, which pretty-much covers the docking collar, but I wanted to see how the back was shaping up overall. This gave me a pretty clear indication.

I guess right now, I’m looking for a little bit of input on the next-gen Hornisse connectors. Does the look work? Or should I go back and try something different?

FYI: The Hornisse is an aircraft where the Heinrich essentially acts as the cockpit. Click here for more information. Anyways… That’s it for today. Tomorrow should be another short update. Hopefully.

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