A Li’l More Heinrich Progress

Life lurches forward, and so does the scratch-built Heinrich, by itty-bitty steps. Last night, I only spent about an hour or so fiddling with the Heinrich, but it was an hour well-spent.
I didn’t do anything with the backpack (for a change), though I did stare at it quite a bit. No, I worked on the front of it for awhile. I added the sensor "disc" to the Gustav-style front. The "disc" consists of a 1:72 T34 road wheel (cut in half), some random part from the 1:48 Hughes, a wheel hub from the same T34 tank, and a little metal bead from mechaskunk. The end result is an asymmetrical little sensor area that really doesn’t look too bad. The little guy in there is just a torso & head from one of the 1:20 Tamiya Pit Crew figures.
This is probably the last real update for a month or so (though who knows), as I’ve got a much higher priority that’s about to come into play. I’ll probably make a short blog entry about it later–and I’m hoping to have a few draft entries ready to go–but don’t expect a whole lot in the coming month. Life is always more important than any hobby–be it casual or serious.
With all that being said, I’m already looking forward to working on the Heinrich again. I have no idea what angle I’ll attack him from–probably try to finish up the backpack or the front of the torso. Maybe I’ll even tackle the cockpit. It’s just hard to say. Needless to say, I’ll document it here.

Addendum: In my parts scrounging ventures last night (namely, looking through all the "scrap" pieces I’ve accumulated), I did identify a few potential donors for the feet–which was another area of concern. Anything I use is going to require some re-sculpting, but just the simple fact that I’ve identified something to use as a foundation will save some time down the road. Next up: Figuring out what to do about the left hand. I’ve also possibly identified another torso piece, but I’ll save that for a future update–when I figure out whether or not it will work.
Right now, my soup’s getting cold…

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