1:1 Scale Modeling

Well, I’ve done a little bit of work on plastic models over the last ten days, but not really much to talk about. Certainly, no pictures taken. Instead, I’m going to go outside the "norm" and talk about something else I played a hand in creating: My beautiful baby girl.
She was born on Feburary 7th by "C section". Yes, I was there, and I even cut the cord. She weighed in at 8 pounds and five ounces, and has just turned my whole world upside down (in the best possible way) since then.
We knew, by the last ultrasound, that she was going to come out with a lot of hair, but we were incredibly shocked by the beautiful full head of hair she came into the world with. Since then, I think her beauty (and hair) has awed every single doctor, nurse, family member, friend, or passer-by she’s encountered.
As soon as she was semi-cleaned up (at only five minutes old), I carried her over to her mother. Upon hearing the sound of momma’s voice, she opened her eyes for the first time. Not a minute afterwards, she stretched out her tiny hand and carressed her mother’s cheek. And then promptly grabbed onto momma’s hair.
The picture to the right was taken after six hours of my precious baby girl being born–receiving her first bath. As you can see, she’s awake and alert. Since then, she’s become more and more alert–all this at only a week old.
What can I say, she’s amazing and she’s a miracle. She’s my daughter. And with her mother and I, we are a family.
I’ll get back to posting actual modeling updates here in the very near future, but I’d be the worst kind of person if I didn’t talk about the miracle that has come into my life.

2 Responses to 1:1 Scale Modeling

  1. Kchusker says:

    Hey Brent – Big time congratulations and many happy wishes.  Daughters are just the best.  Enjoy getting no sleep for some time and soon she will be Daddy’s little girl.  I am happy everything went alright and always remember to have fun.     

  2. D says:

    Zero – She\’s beautiful!  Congratulations.  Hold on to that baby girl and love her with all your heart, because they grow up WAY too quickly!  Post a new picture every now and then.  Again, congrats!  She\’s a keeper!!!

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