Movin’ On Up… To The Top…

I haven’t had time to really write anything as of late, so enjoy this "canned" entry I wrote a while back. I’m still modeling when time permits. Once I take on something of a normal schedule again, I’ll get back to blogging it.

During the first weekend of February, I moved all my modeling materials from the basement to the attic. Friday evening, the attic was just a storage area for boxes we’d never unpacked and items we rarely used. By Sunday evening, it looked as it does in the picture on the right. Not too shabby, eh?
I actually added a fourth set of steel storage shelves (click here for the picture), which allowed me to better organize the model kits by subject (breaking down the aircraft by era and splitting up other genres–like "cars" and "armored vehicles", etc.). It made a huge difference for me, giving my kits a little bit of room to breathe and making them a lot easier to locate quickly.
Not pictured are two tables to the left of the work desk and a short two-shelf bookcase. At this point, it’s still somewhat of a mess, but a very useable work area.
For my entertainment needs (in addition to the dog), I still need to run the cable up to the satellite box, but until then I can receive a surprising number of stations on the small black-and-white television. In addition, I’ve got a DVD player and a Sega Dreamcast hooked to the color television. I also need to set up my XM satellite radio base station up there. It’d be nice to hear that again. Finally, I’d like to get some of my ham radio equipment set up in there–it’s really been years since I’ve been serious about being on the air.
Yes, I’d say things are shaping up very nicely in the attic. I’ve gone from "man cave" to "man tower". And I’ve gotta say… I love it.

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