A Pair Of Tiny Tigers

So, I’ve been sitting around not finishing modeling projects lately. Here’s a little write-up on the latest thing I’ve nearly finished: a pair of teeny-tiny Tiger tanks.
That’s right–these little Tiger tanks are so tiny that a quarter might prove to be a formidable obstacle to them. They’re Dragon kits, and they’re 1:144 scale. That means that they are 144 times smaller than their real-world counterparts. I still need to do the decals and some weathering, but they’re actually pretty close to done.
Just a quick education for the uninitiated: the Tiger I tanks were a very important part of Germany’s war effort in World War II. Although they were ridiculously prone to engine troubles, they inspired fear in their opponents. Part of the reason for this is that–at the time it went into full production–the Tiger I had the largest cannon of any tank in the world.
There’s not a lot of pieces to these kits, but more than you might think. If my memory serves, I think there’s around nineteen pieces per tank–that does not include some optional photo-etch, which I chose not to use on this build. The real trick with these–especially the green one–is painting all the little teeny-tiny details on them. The green one has several tow cables molded into the body itself (so they can’t be painted separately). The wheels are also rather trick to paint and weather, as each side only consists of two pieces for all the road wheels.
Decent washes become essential to giving the illusion that these things are tiny versions of the real thing. And I’d like to think that I’m managing to accomplish that.
The only addition I’ve made (to both tanks) is to add a piece of stretched sprue for radio antenna. I actually drilled a small hole–using a pin vise–in the proper location, dipped the antenna in glue, stuck it in the hole, and painted it. Fairly straightforward.
I’d originally only planned on doing the gray tank, but I quickly realized that–for the tiny diorama I’d envisioned–the gray tank wouldn’t work. It carries the markings of a Tiger deployed to Africa, and the dio was not Africa-based. So… I pulled out the tank that was destined to be green and threw together what you see there in about 24 hours. Now, I just need to get them finished and get going on the diorama base. What are the odds of getting that far before another project snags my attention?

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