Tiny Tiger Almost Finished

As the title suggests, I’ve almost got a build done–and it’s one of my 1/144 Dragon Tiger ("Initial Production") tanks. I still don’t like this as much as I like the green Tiger I, but it’s not shaping up too badly.
For all practical purposes, the tank is completely done–unless I look it over (again) and find some glaring error that I need to address. Weathering it was the only real trick, as the painting and washing more or less sorted themselves out. The decals–by Cartograf–were very forgiving and not too much trouble, despite the fact that they were so tiny.
For the weathering, I used a 3/0 brush and first put some Flat Aluminum scratches on the road wheels, and then some lighter scratches around the rest of the tank. After that, I used Dark Yellow and the same brush to give the whole thing a "dusty" appearance. Again, I concentrated more weathering on the road wheels, but also put quite a bit on the side of the tank, as well as the rear. In short, think of a car that’s been down a very dusty road and where the dust accumulates on the car. I tried to match that effect.
The base was straightforward. I just took a small piece of wood, stained it, and drilled six holes in the top of it. From there, I mixed up a very small amount of Celluclay and carefully applied it over the top of the wood. Per the usual, I put on a latex glove and dipped a fingertip in water to smooth out the surface of the Celluclay. Because of the very small amount of Celluclay I mixed up, how thinly it was spread, and how little water I used, it was dried and ready to paint last night (24 hours after application). I first painted it in a Model Masters U.S. Army Gulf War color (because I think it’s closer to "sand" than Dark Yellow), and then gave it a rather heavy wash in a custom brown color. And that was it.
Now, I just need to paint up a 1/144 German soldier to stand next to it and it’s done–and then I can move onto another project for the upcoming contests this year.

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