The OTHER “Tiny Tiger”

Well, I’m still puttering along, not quite putting the finishing touches on the first Tiny Tiger, but I wanted to show off the second one. This is mostly because I think it looks better than the gray one. The weathering shows up better, the green gives it more color, and I like the skirts that hang over the tracks just a little bit. Unfortunately, I haven’t done a thing with the planned diorama for it. I’ve bought a new base that I may end up using, and I put together a guard shack and got together several pictoral references. Outside of that, I haven’t really done anything.
And, rather than concentrate on it, I’ve diversified into two completely new and different projects–one track-based and one wing-based. I guess I feel like I need to be gearing up with some new entries for the HobbyTown National Model Contest, quickly approaching on April 12th. Of course, they don’t have a sci-fi category, so I feel obligated to try and concentrate in other areas. Something tells me that I won’t even get done what I want to with this particular Tiger. Hopefully, getting other things done will make it worth the while. No promises, though.
And I’m going to go ahead and shove some sci-fi down their throats, anyways. It only seems fair.

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