Crowded Workbench

At this point, this is more for my benefit than anything else. Today–while my other computer is running a needed backup–I’ll see if I can’t list out the various builds I currently have going on. I’m not going to list anything that’s actually come off my desk, gone back into its box, and back onto the shelf. Just those projects that are still within arm’s reach of my work area.
  • 1/72 M3 Stuart (Status: In-progress) – With luck, this project will get done relatively quickly. I’ve got a ways to go on it, but nothing particularly daunting lies ahead, and so progress should remain steady until it’s finished.
  • 1/144 German Tiger I (Status: Nearly complete) – This is the gray one here… I’ve actually painted a 1/144 German soldier to stand with the tank. I just need to position him, and then seal the entire display in dull lacquer and then everything is done.
  • 1/144 German Tiger I (Status: In-progress) – This is the green one that’s going to be  part of a teeny-tiny diorama. I’m actually hoping to go pick up some components for that today, so I may be able to fast-track a finish on it.
  • 1/72 P-39N "Airacobra" (Status: In-progress) – I almost put a status of "on-hold" for this. I’m waiting till I can get ahold of some sort of nose weight before I go any further. Till then, it sits–unbalanced–on my desk.
  • 1/72 UH-1H Huey (Status: On-hold) – I’m waiting for a few different things on this one. First, I’m hoping to get some picture slides of the actual aircraft I’m modeling. If that doesn’t happen, at the very least I need to re-cast the resin helicopter crew set I picked up and fabricate a 1/72 50 cal. machine gun to go on the thing.
  • 1/72 Junkers Ju88 (Status: On-hold) – I just can’t seem to stay motivated on this one. It’s a very good model, and will (hopefully) make a great display piece when finished. I think I’m just finding it too daunting right now. I hope to come back to it–and sooner, rather than later.
  • 1/20 Maschinen Krieger AFS Mk.II. (Status: On-hold) – This one isn’t that far from the finish line. I need to figure out a paint scheme and what I’m going to do for a pilot’s head. Outside of that, this one is nearly done.
  • 1/20 Maschinen Krieger Heinrich II (Status: On-hold) – With another big move coming up, this one’s on hold as well. The deadline for this build isn’t until September, so I’m not worried about it. I’d like to have it done and ready for a May contest, but if it doesn’t happen then it won’t break my heart.
  • 1/144 HGUC Gaza C (Status: Ready to start) – I need to get going on this one. It’s not an overly complicated kit, but it is one of those Bandai Gundam kits, and it will have a lot of seams that need addressing. The good news is that I finished a base probably close to two years ago that it’s going to rest on. I really need to get this one done by April 12th, which means I need to start it ASAP.
… And that’s about where we’re at these days…

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