M3 Stuart Progress

I haven’t done much modeling in the last few days. This is due to a variety of reasons which I may or may not get into at a later time. In short, we’re packing up the house and moving, so I have to try to pack up everything that’s not nailed down and still try to take a moment here and there to get things ready for the upcoming spring contests. At this point, I have no clue what’s actually going to be ready by April 12th and what’s still going to be on the bench (or packed away in a box). I have, however, resigned myself to the thought that some of my builds may be "long term" and probably won’t be finished before next year. So be it.
The 1/72 M3 Stuart is coming along slowly but surely. Last night, I took about 10 minutes to sit down and paint the side skirts, as well as touch up a few places on the tank itself. The next time I work on it, I’ll go ahead and attach the side skirts, and finish up any painting that may yet need to be done. I think this mostly consists of a few areas on the tracks themselves. After that, I’ll need to seal the paint with a spray lacquer and start the decal and washing process.
One thing I need to fix is the white area of the top hatch. I suddenly had a sneaking suspicion that the area I currently have painted white is probably not white and just matches the exterior color. Although I couldn’t back this up with a picture of the actual tank, I did find a model of the Stuart in "stock" colors where the hatch did, indeed, match the exterior color.
This one is getting close to the finish line, and with a few more hours at my disposal, I can hopefully wrap it up.

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