M3 Stuart – Nearly Done

I’m slowly edging toward completion on the 1/72 M3 Stuart. If you compare this photo to the last one, you’ll notice that it’s undergone some not-so-subtle weathering. Basically, I just applied a few washes, and I still have a few more to go.
To start with, I gave it a wash in a dark brown color. That did a great job of making it look dirty–like it really had been crawling across the African desert. Actually, I gave it a few washes in brown, just to bring it out. I’d been told in the past that–on smaller scales–the washes should be heavier to emphasize the details. In retrospect, I think that was the specific opinion of one modeler. Although it does bring out the details, it almost over-emphasizes them and makes it seem a little unrealisitic.
The next wash was in a dark gray color. I didn’t want to use black, as I thought this would be too dark, but I think I’m going to have to go back and–at the very least–hit the road wheels with a black wash. once I’ve got that done, I’ll probably go over everything in a dark yellow, and probably dry-brush some dark yellow into it as well. I also probably need to apply a fade to the decals, which will just come down to mixing up some more of the original paint color and dry-brushing that over the decals. It creates a nice effect of markings being chipped away by the elements.
There’s also the matter of the tank tracks–they need a wash to emphasize their detail. I probably need to dry-brush or wash some rust and sand color in there, too.
Aside from that, I just need to finish the figure that’s going to be sitting in the hatch. I’ve nicknamed him "Lt. Dan", since his legs don’t extend below the knees (with all appropriate nods going towards Gary Sinise from "Forrest Gump"). He’s got most of his colors in place, but still needs all the washes and details to bring him to life.
This piece probably won’t be getting a base to display on–I’ll just let it sit on its own. Hopefully, I’ll track down a better 1/72 M3 Stuart in the future–and maybe a M3 Lee while I’m at it!

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