Review: “Fireball Modelworks” Decals

I’m still not up and running in my "new & improved facilities" (though I did start and finish a model–but that’s another story). So, today I’m going to give a review for something I received in the mail yesterday. Yesterday, I received my "UH-1 US Army Slicks in Vietnam" decal sheet from Fireball Modelworks. This is to help make more interesting versions out of the myriad of 1/72 UH-1 Huey’s I’ve been accumulating.
I’ve ordered and/or gotten ahold of custom (non-kit-issued) decal sheets before, so I have some experience–as a consumer–in the matter. Without a doubt, this is one of the finest quality sheets I’ve ever come across. We were actually looking at them under a magnifying glass last night, and I was extremely impressed with the print resolution he’s achieved. I would honestly have to say that these markings are more crisp and clear–at a ridiculously small scale–than some of the decals I’ve seen issued with commercial kits. They’re that good.
The instruction sheets for the decal application is also top-notch. They’re two full-color glossy 8 1/2" by 11" sheets of paper folded in half–which just about breaks down to an actual size diagram for a 1/72 Huey. Information on applying the decals (a welcome bonus–which can also be found here) is printed on the back page. This should save some tears, heartache, and torn decals for folks not familiar with working with ALPS-printed decals.
For the record, I haven’t had an opportunity to actually use them yet–and it’s probably going to be awhile before I do so. I did, however, have a chance to show them to the Vietnam veteran for whom I’m eventually going to be building his Huey. He looked everything over–with a magnifying glass–and said, "this guy knows his stuff!" Believe me–that’s a ringing endorsement.
In the future, I’ll be looking for a reason to buy from Fireball Modelworks again. In addition to the decal offerings–in most scales–for several different helicopters, they also offers several resin and photo-etch conversion sets. In short, there’s something there to appeal to a lot of different helicopter builds.

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