Modeling Room: Almost Complete

That’s right… I’m just about finished, and what a long road it’s been. Four weeks ago today, in fact.
Let’s go over the whole blinkin’ mess again… I ("we") started off with bare brick cellar walls. Since then, we’ve:
  • Put up wall frames (16" on-center)
  • Installed ten electrical outlets (including one in the ceilng) 
  • Ran speak wire to "rear" wall
  • Hung insulation along exterior walls
  • Re-ran existing light fixture to a new switch and put in a different light fixture
  • Hung drywall
  • "Boxed out" a pair of low-haning ventilation pipes
  • Installed and stained 32" door
  • Textured and painted the ceiling
  • Painted the walls a custom color (I’ll write about that later)
  • Hung new 600 watt halogen work lamp
  • Stained the base board, door, and door frame

I’m sure there’s things I’m missing, but that’s about it. So what’s left?

  • Install the base board
  • Install the door trim
  • Stain and install window trim
  • Install the door hardware
  • Install speaker wire "outlet" in wall (including soldering the connections)

And we should have all that knocked out in a day or two. After that, it’s time to start figuring out what goes where. And then, I can get back to modeling. I can’t wait!

This only leaves about 3/4 (or more) of the basement as still completely unfinished. Thanks to the careful tutoring I’ve been given, I now feel very confident about finishing off the rest of the basement. Someday. It’s a 30-year mortgage, after all. There’s still plenty of time left. And while I feel confident that I could now do it myself, I’m eternally thankful for all the help I’ve been given along the way to turn this into a reality.


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