Hobby Room: Construction COMPLETE

It’s been a long time in coming. Okay… Only a month, but still… It seems like a long time.
Last night, we cut the last piece of window trim and nailed it in place. This was after putting six shelves up on the wall. And with that, this room is done. There’s still the small matter of cleaning the floors, touching up a couple of things, mounting the speakers on the walls, etc. I’ll hopefully get to that sometime tonight. And, along with it, I plan to start moving actual furniture into the room. It’s about time.
As a bit of a celebration, I did some long-overdue unpacking. Two wardrobe boxes and two lawnmower boxes later, I think I’ve got most of my models unpacked–which is good, because I’m just about out of room on the shelves that we put up. The sci-fi (mostly Bandai) kits take up a ridiculous amount of room. All of the top shelf, about two-thirds of the middle shelf and nearly all of the first two four foot shelves (on the left). That’s a lot of sci-fi models. Too many? Perhaps. The bottom shelf is mostly airplane kits, along with some armor and around a half-dozen or so car models. Hopefully, I’ll get to most of these someday. At this point, however, I’m not counting on it.
It’s a very weird feeling being finished with the room. I’m thrilled that I’ll have "a place to call my own" in our new house, but it’s weird knowing that I’m not going to be spending every moment of spare time with working on the basement. Of course, if I get that bored, there’s always the rest of the basement to work on: That laundry room still needs walls, I need to put a bathroom in downstairs. There’s the small matter of the large portion of the basement that’s still completely unfinished, which will eventually become a spare bedroom, a new playroom for the baby, a bathroom and (if I have my way) another storage room. Yes, if I miss "buildin’ 1:1 stuff", there’s still plenty to do.
At least, in the meantime, I know I have a place now to work on my models.

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