Continuing With That Gaza-C Build

My ultimate goal for the week is to get some new–good–pictures taken of the new hobby room taken. Actually, my ultimate goal for the week is to get the following model done in time for the regional contest on Saturday. And get a reasonable amount of sleep–which I’m already behind the 8-ball on. So… That’s three goals for the week, along with everything else I know that needs to get done.
At any rate, here’s the progress made so far on that whole ugly Gaza-C thing…

…And it looks like this project may get off the ground after all. I actually pulled some pieces off the tree and did a little bit of painting last night. I started off by painting some of the parts that won’t have seams, as well as his little hand-cannon, since I’d already fixed the seams on that.

The Tamiya "Flat Red" went on as smooth as a baby’s behind, but I’m having some issues with air bubbles in the purple. I mixed some Tamiya Flat Base (X-21) in with it, per a modeling book I’d just read, so I’m not sure if it’s that mixed with the purple or the purple itself. The reason for mixing in the Flat Base is to suck the gloss out of the Tamiya Purple I’m using. The results were questionable, at best. I suspect I’ll end up stripping off the paint and re-painting it without the Flat Base mixed in.

There were only two black parts on the trees. I’ve nipped them and painted those in Tamiya "Sea Blue", and I love that color. It’s more gray than blue and more black than gray. A perfect alternative if you’re looking to avoid a pure black paint.

So… A slow start, but a start nonetheless. this thing is just seam-happy, so I’ll have my work cut out for me. When did these sci-fi kits get harder to work on than the real-world ones?


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