Gaza-C–With No Purple

Following up with yesterday’s progress report, here’s where thing stand, as of this morning. First, some feedback on the last progress report:

I also forgot to ask. What’s that bin system you have on the right hand side? It looks useful whatever it is.

It’s very useful. They’re nuts & bolts cases from a hardware store. Ever go into an Ace Hardware and buy one or two screws or bolts (etc.) from their bulk bins? That’s these. They’re handy and stackable. I talked them out of a pair of them for $10 apiece.

I also have the same problem hand painting purple. The best way to remedy it is to prime the piece white and use thinner coats than what you would normally do.

Yeah… I’m using extra-thin coats already. Trust me. But all that’s water under the bridge, because it’s not going to be purple, anyways. Enter: Today’s progress report.

I didn’t like the purple, so I stripped it off all the parts completely last night (Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol). I put some red paint on paper, and then put various swipes across it to see what looked good. Ultimately, I ended up using Tamiya XF-23 "Light Blue". After getting everything that was purple painted in the new light blue, I assembled the shoulder shields and… Didn’t like the way the light blue looked against the red. Too light. But it was 2:00 a.m. and I work a normal job, so that was the end of the work on it for the night.

After going to bed (unable to sleep because that color was bugging me, I gave it some thought and decided that tonight I’m going to strip off all the light blue and go to the other end of the spectrum: Tamiya XF-17 Sea Blue.

As mentioned in the previous progress report, the Sea Blue is so dark that it almost looks black. I think it’ll give the Gaza-C a much more striking appearance–and work better with the decals I have planned for it. So that’s the gameplan for tonight–strip paint, and paint again. The parts that had already been painted Sea Blue (which were molded in black) will be re-painted in XF-63 "German Grey", to make sure they stand out from the Sea Blue.

I also completed several subassemblies last night (parts of the head, the torso, the hips, the legs, the feet, etc.), but didn’t get any photos taken. Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll have some genuine progress pictures to post.


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