Gaza-C: Minimal Sleep Required

I made a whole lot of progress because… I sacrificed a whole lot of sleep. Reminder (to myself–I’m on a sleep deprivation high at this point) that the contest this is to be in will be on Saturday. Add into that two full workdays, all the time I can manage to squeeze in with my baby daughter when she’s not sleeping, and I was hoping to run up to the convention site tomorrow night (to get a sneak peek at the vendors). In short, the only real time I have left to be working on this is when I should be sleeping. So, for the past two days, I’ve had a combined total of about seven hours. The three I managed last night were in the recliner just a few feet away from the work desk.

Last night, I managed to get all the purple/sky-blue pieces painted in the Sea Blue, and they look much better. Yes, that’s actually a shade of blue in that picture, and not black–even if the photo doesn’t pick it up. And don’t worry about the apparent brush strokes. The paint is thin and smooth and the inconsistencies will disappear under the lacquer coat (experience has taught me that).    

So… Got a bunch of panting done, and some very minor sub-assemblies (chunks of the torso, feet, shields, etc.). Because the Gaza-C is a transformable mobile suit, it’s got a lot of moving parts. This (at least, in the HGUC line) also means a lot of seams. I’d addressed a few of them already with just Tamiya cement and sandpaper, but I saved the putty till 6:00 a.m. this morning–the last thing I did before I hopped in the shower to get ready for work). There’s no photo, but picture about ten different pieces (sections of legs, arms, etc.) with seams covered in white Squadron putty. It only takes roughly 30 minutes to cure, but it will probably be early this evening before I get back to sand them. Which leads me to the next steps…

… Tonight, I’ll sand up the seams and throw some paint on them. If the seam is still visible, I’ll strip the paint, re-apply putty, sand, etc. You get the idea. "Lather, rinse, repeat" until the seams are gone. That process should go relatively quickly, assuming I adequately puttied the seams this morning. Once that’s done, I’ll assemble the whole mess and hit it with a gloss lacquer. After that, the decals. After that, more lacquer (flat this time) and then the washes for the panel lines. Assuming all that goes off without a hitch, I’ll figure out exactly how it’s going to sit on the base (see first post in this thread). Once I’ve got that determined, I’ll drill a couple of small-diameter (somewhere between 1/16" and 3/16"–probably closer to 3/16") in the base and in the bottom of the Gaza-C feet. I’ll trim off some styrene rod, and use those to hold the model in place on the base. From there, probably some more lacquer over the whole thing and the final step will be to put in the two green-tinted "lenses" for the eyes, using Testors clear (canopy) glue. They won’t go on before that because I don’t want the lacquers to fog them, and I don’t want to take the time to mask them via tape or liquid mask. It’s just easier to leave them off till the end.

I believe it’s realistic to assume that I can get all this done between tonight and this time tomorrow morning. I may be a wreck by the time it’s all said and done, but I think it can be done. Besides, I’ve got some small to moderate tweaks to make to three other models that are going in the contest. Those are going to be my Friday night project.  

That’s the plan, love it or lump it.


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