2008 Regional Contest: “OMACON”

So this last Friday and Saturday was OMACON–the IPMS Regional contest for this area of the United States. In the end, I had seven entries:
  • 1/72 Polikarpov I-16 (Hasegawa) in winter colors – entered in 1/72 single-prop aircraft.
  • 1/72 M3 Stuart (Hasegawa) – entered in 1/72–and smaller–AFV’s.
  • 1/144 Tiger I initial production (Dragon) – entered in 1/72–and smaller–AFV’s.
  • 1/144 Morser Odin (Dragon) – entered in Artillery
  • 1/20 Maschinen Krieger "Heinrich" (Nitto) – entered in Fantasy/Sci-Fi Figures
  • 1/20 Maschinen Krieger "Fireball" (Nitto) – entered in Space/Sci-FI Mech category.
  • 1/144 Gaza-C (Bandai) –  – entered in Space/Sci-FI Mech category.
The results of the contest left a lot to be desired. Competition was hot, and I definitely got burned. As I just told someone, I’m heavily disappointed with what happened, and I don’t agree with it. I do, however, respect the judges’ decisions. I’m not in their shoes, so I’ve got no place to say what they should have done. It’s a bummer, but what can you do, other than try harder? It’s time to start thinking seriously about airbrushing, though. I can tell you that for certain. But enough sour grapes about the contest. A friend of mine, kchusker, did great in the contest so I want to give him some congratulations for how his hard work paid off, too!
Out of my seven entries in six categories, I did manage to place 3rd in two of the categories. My 1/72 M3 Stuart scored a 3rd in the 1/72 (and smaller) AFV category. That was nice. I’m pleased that the amount of work I put into it paid off. And my Heinrich also managed a 3rd place score in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi Figure category. I thought sure that my Gaza-C was a lock for placing in the general sci-fi category, but it was not to be. Better luck next time. I’m going to make some changes to the kit to hopefully make it more competitive.
The raffle went very well. I put in $15 (plus the ticket I received with my registration) for a total of 19 tickets. Out of those, I won eight times. And, for that matter, I won some very nice kits. The vendors were outstanding, as well. I spent a fair amount of money, but got a really great bunch of kits for that price–including two $1 Polikarpov I-15’s (even if one of them didn’t have a canopy).
Overall, it was a very positive experience–and a great contest. To see more of my photos from the contest, just look for the "Contest Gallery" photo album here and the images with the prefix "2008 OMACON". The Fort Crook IPMS did a fantastic job hosting regionals this year, and I’m looking forward to OMACON 2009!

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