Next Up: Resuming the Heinrich II

I’ve been putting it off till I had my new little room relatively finished. Well, that’s no longer much of an excuse, so it’s time to dig back into the Heinrich II project.
Even though I pulled out the pieces and stared at them for over an hour on Monday night, no plastic (or other material) was cut, glued, or painted. Instead, I did some research into the Ma.K. books I’ve got and also did a little sketch work for another Heinrich scratch-build I may do to compliment this one.
At this point, I could see it working as a three-person display piece. The open-cockpit Heinrich (which I’ve already started), a closed-cockpit version, and a resculpted 1/20 figure of some sort.
In order to do the closed-cockpit version, I need to come up with some sort of indirect sight system that compliments the Heinrich design. I’ve got a few options, but I’m not really crazy about any of them at this point. In other words, there’s something better out there–I just haven’t figured out what it is yet. I’d also need to figure out a way to come up with the other details for that suit, such as the engine and some envisioned systems. It’ll either come together or it won’t. Regardless, it’ll be fun to give it a shot.
I’m also still going to go back and fix the Gaza-C, but something tells me that I’m probably going to end up stalling on that one until another contest is looming over my head.

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