If You Can’t Bring Yourself To The Models…

… Bring The Models To You.
I’ve run into a bit of a snag with modeling lately… The fact that I haven’t been able to get away from work to do anything but sleep, for starters. Since I can’t do much about not seeing my family while I’m down here, I figured I’d try to do something about the fundamental lack of modeling. So… I pulled the unstarted 1/72 Italeri JS-2 Stalin tank (more commonly known as the "IS-2" tank), and threw it in my desk drawer. Sunday night, while I was babysitting a Tornado Watch, I decided to start it. Believe me, there’s not much to do, other than watch a weather radar, wait till the whole thing is over, make some phone calls, and go home. I figured this was more productive than watching television, at any rate.
I should also mention that, earlier this week, I built up some other supplies in my desk. Just to make it interesting (and so that I feel no loss should my office completely go underwater), I’m doing this entire build with Testors modeling products. The glue, the brushes, the paints… Everything Testors. I’m not switching loyalties from Tamiya for paints, but I thought I’d give this a shot to see how well it turns out. And Testors paints usually require less thinning for hand-painting. That should help around here, too.
The kit itself is interesting. I’ll briefly mention that this is a "bonus two-in-one" kit (or something like that). It comes with an extremely simplified IS-2 (consisting of maybe ten pieces or less), and a ridiculously complicated kit that makes up one of the best 1/72 tank kits I’ve looked at. The "simple" tank is in my spares bin somewhere, as I used the barrel on another project. And this tank has a few small pieces missing, as well. I’d originally bought it to replace missing parts on a Dragon 1/72 T34 tank, but that’s now fallen off the radar (lost it two moves ago).
I think that, with this tank, they’ve pushed the limits of styrene modeling as far as they’ll go. Pieces that you’d think would be too small to have molded individually are actually there–like the handles, properly thick/thin hatches, and (what I assume is) the brakes for the front drive wheels. I don’t have much done so far, but the parts fit seems reasonably decent.
Because of the nature of this build, it may be finished in a week, a month, or a year. I suspect at some point I’ll transfer this kit home to work on it properly. And I’ve already got some ideas of how to display it. Until I get everything worked out, I’ll just keep plugging away on it as time allows. In short, don’t expect to see frequent progress reports on this one.

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