Tornado Warnings = Tank Progress

Stormy nights equal time at work equal a little bit o’ time to put plastic to plastic… And that was the case on Tuesday night. While in the proecess of watching radar, monitoring weather warnings, and making calls to local jurisdictions to see if there were any damage reports, I managed to glue a few more pieces of the tank together. Really not as much as it looks like from that picture, though.
I already had the wheels assembled and and attached to a side-plate. Last night, I simply took those side-plates and glued them on to the lower hull. I also did some work on the turret. First, the main part of the turret itself needed some work along the seam. Fortunately the actual tanks have such a rough texture and bulging seams that it shouldn’t take too much work to duplicate that appearance along the seam of these plastic pieces. For this, I simply took some sanding sticks of various grades and worked them along the seams–trying to be careful not to extend the sanding over to other "textured" parts of the turret. After that, it was simply a matter of properly aligning and attaching the main cannon. I also added some small pieces to the side of the turret, but there’s a lot more of those to add yet.
Contrary to appearances, the upper hull isn’t glued to the lower hull, and I’m certainly not ready to leave the turret on the hull. There’s a lot of work yet to be done, but I’m pleased with the progress I’m making. Based on the parts breakdown, I think I’ll end up mounting this to a base, simply because it’s going to be difficult to address some of the seams on the underside–which are the only real serious seam issues with the entire tank. I’ve already got some ideas for that, as well. Another snag is that I have no idea where the decals that are supposed to go with this are. I’ve got some T34 decals, but I’m a little wary of using them without first confirming that they’d be accurate to an IS-2. Everything will get taken care of in time, and progress is steady at this point.

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