IS-2: I Like This Tank…

… In fact, I like it too much to rely on just working on it during a tornado watch which I may or may not have to babysit every few months. So, I took it home a few days ago and actually did some work on it Monday night (photos–again–courtesy of my RAZR cell phone).
It’s coming along nicely. In fact, after the external gas tanks are done and attached, I probably need to start painting. The lower hull, upper hull, and turret are all still separate pieces, and will remain so until after I’ve completed attaching the tread.
Even though I changed my location for this build, I’m still not changing my goal of making this an "All-Testors Build". I’m going to have to resort to using some Model Masters paints, but they’re made by Testors, so that shouldn’t hurt anything.
Decals are still an issue, so I may just end up hand-painting a number on the side of it. Why not? That’s what the Russians did. More progress will follow.

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