IS-2 Times Two

Although I was busy with a lot of other things this weekend, I did manage to sit down with the IS-2 last night and get a little bit of work done. Actually, I went a long ways towards finishing the other IS-2 in the box, and didn’t get a lot of work done on the "good one".
The second IS-2 kit that comes in the same box, is apparently a quick-build kit intended for war gamers–as I’ve seen that you can buy two quick-build kits in one box online. Total parts count on this kit is probably less than ten. And I’d used the barrel on another project, so I was forced to stretch some styrene pipe (which took a few tries to get right) in order to have a barrel for this tank. It’s obviously not an IS-2 barrel, but you have to figure that–at some point–they tried a different gun configuration on that platform. It reminds me of both the T34 and KV-1 cannon, so I’ll do a little research and see if I can’t actually figure out what type of gun it’s close to. For right now, it’s a "hypothetical configuration".
For the color scheme, I wanted to test out what I’ll be doing on the "good" IS-2, so I painted the entire thing (minus the treads) in Russian armor green, let that dry, and then painted over the top portion of the hull and all of the turret with overly thinned flat white. The result is that the green shows through in a lot of spots. This, as I understand it, is very typical of anything the Russians dressed up in winter camo. I don’t know if it’s a result of poor materials or plain wear-and-tear, but the green was usually showing through by mid to late winter.
And the painting process (extra-thinned white over green) achieved exactly what I was hoping it would, so now I can confidentally apply it to my "good tank" without worrying about how it’s going to turn out. Speaking of which, while paint was drying, I did manage to prep the seams on the external fuel tanks and get them glued on. So once I’m done puttering around with the cheap IS-2, I can get back into the good one and move towards finishing it.

NOTE: I’ve been forced to disable comments again, due to the fact that someone’s managed to figure out how to have a bot automatically post comments advertising websites–which were of the "cash for gold" variety. Till Microsoft figures out some better controls for comment posting, I’m going to have to leave this disabled (not like it was getting a ton of action, anyways).

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