Revell X-Wing: First Impressions

Due to a number of influences, I’ve rediscovered my interest in all things "Star Wars". Acting on that, I recently picked up one of the new Revell X-Wing kits from a local retailer. Going even further (and tiring of trying to get Testors paints to work on those tanks), I’ve actually started working on this kit.
Two things of note about this X-Wing: First, it’s designed to be a snap-together kit, requiring no glue. Well, I’m not satisfied with that, so I’ve already begun gluing several subassemblies together. Second, it’s what they call a "pre-painted" kit. This means that all the markings and colors are pre-molded. While this is great for kids and folks who aren’t too serious, this makes it end up looking very much like a toy. So… The plan is to glue the whole thing together, as well as paint every square inch of it. I’m also considering adding a couple of enhancements–which I’ll cover in a future progress report.
From what I’ve read online, the proportions of the kit are extremely well-done. In other words, it’s very accurate to its on-screen counterpart. It is, however, a model kit. As such, there are a lot of seams that are going to need cleaning up, as well as some flash and sink-marks that will need addressing. And, although people are saying that–based on its dimensions–it’s a 1/65 scale kit, the pilot (and droid) are squarely 1/72. I don’t know what the implications are on that, but I don’t really care. It’s just something for the sci-fi rivet-counters to ponder, I suppose.
Overall, it looks sharp. Test-fitting the parts really brought back some childhood memories of seeing "Star Wars" in the theater with my father and all those hours I spent playing with my Kenner X-Wing toy and Luke Skywalker pilot figure. Now, almost thirty years later, let’s see how good of a scale model I can make out of this thing.
Stay tuned.

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