And So Begins ANOTHER Heinrich

It’s been a slow couple of weeks for modeling, but sometime everything else going on has to take top priority. And other times, falling asleep on the couch instead of wandering down to the basement ain’t so bad either. These last few weeks have been a combination of that.
So… On Friday, I opted to start another project–rather than make further advancements on the half-dozen or so that are in various stages of completion. This time, I’m doing another Heinrich–of the Maschinen Krieger line. And, like the green one also pictured, this one is going to be from scratch. I’m nowhere close to being done with the first one, but I want the first one to look as good as I can make it. So that means I need to do some practice work. I figure the easiest way to practice is going to be to build another one, somewhat similar.
With that in mind, I assembled portions of an Academy 1/48 Hughes 500MD helicopter, and took the saw to it. The parts fit–especially on the door–wasn’t great, but I’ll make due. Lots of putty applied last night, and a good deal of sanding. From there, it’s going to be more sanding and some Mr. Surfacer (if I can ever find the darn stuff).
My goal is to make this a quick-and-dirty build. I’m going to completely cover up the cockpit and paint over it–which means I need to come up with some sort of alternative way for the pilot to "see". I’m also not sure what I’m going to do for the "engine" on this thing, but I’m not going to buy another motorcycle kit to sacrifice to the Ma.K. gods. I was thinking of something more enclosed, so we’ll see where that thinking takes me. Again, my goal here is to be quick, and get in some practice for the "good" Heinrich I’m working on. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

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