More Heinrich Progress…

Someone on one of the message boards (actually, one of the best Ma.K. modelers out there) suggested that I look at 1/24 or 1/32 aircraft drop tanks as a source for the legs–that should be a huge help.
And I did make some more progress last night. First off, there was a lot more sanding of the torso. Then, I created an "engine" using parts from the motorcycle kit and a road wheel from a 1/72 tank (as well as a smattering of styrene sheet, angle, and tube). Unfortunately, the picture came out rather blurry.

For the picture, I just tacked it on the back of the Heinrich torso with a drop of CA. Once I get it a little more refined, I’ll make it a point to get some less blurry pictures. In the interest of time, this Heinrich may get some of its parts from my actual Ma.K. spare bin (as opposed to the general spare kit bin). However, I do have every intention of incorporating a ping pong ball into at least one spot. The other Heinrich will still be as much of a scratch-build as I can make it, but I want to get this one done more quickly.

The only real note of interest(?) on the backpack is that I used angled styrene for the walls. In order to get them to bend around the curve I set up (on the left side of the backpack–as viewed in the picture), I cut a sawtooth pattern into the angle where it is glued on to the sheet styrene. With a little CA accelerator, this worked pretty well (although having more than two arms would have eased the process, too).

Next up, I need to continue working on the backpack–cutting into it so it meets the curves of the Heinrich, and attempting to apply a thin string of Milliput (for lack of better resources) along the seam where it meets the body to give it a welded-on look. Somewhere in there, I also just need to do some basic seam work on the styrene portion of the backpack, as well.

I don’t love it–at least, I don’t think it looks as good as the other Heinrich–but it’s coming along.


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