Heinrich Progress & Another Lousy Progress Pic

Last night, I did put in a couple hours on the ol’ Heinrich build–and this photo is probably the crappiest one yet. I really need to start using a decent camera on the workbench.
At any rate, I spent some time carving up the edges where the "backpack" meets the torso. Once it was a semi-decent fit, I super-glued it down. Tonight (or sometime soon), I’ll go back and add a thin little strip of Milliput around the edges, to look like welding beads and cover up the spots that have gaps. For kicks–and just to make it look less like a helicopter and more like a Heinrich–I carved out the shoulder pieces. Just two pieces of styrene pipes carved to approximately look like the kit pieces. The armor ("fake fingernails") that go over them will divert almost all the attention away from them, anyways.
I’m not sure of where exactly I’m going from here. I’ve decided that I’m going to style him like the Gustav (and my other Heinrich II) and give him a gun-arm on the left side. This one, however, is going to be a little bit larger than what’s found on the Gustav (here). I want this guy to be a "heavy hitter". I also need to come up with how, exactly, this guy is going to see where he’s going–since I’m painting over the canopy. I’ve got a couple ideas, but nothing definite. There’s also the matter of the legs, but I’ve got a pretty good clue on where to go with those. As for the butt-piece, I think I’m going to end up sculpting that from scratch. No big deal–and it’s practically invisible, anyways.
With luck, patience, and effort, I should have him done in time for a contest in Kansas in September, or the one in Kansas City at the beginning of October. I may not know where I’m going with this thing, but at least I’m going.

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