Heinrich: To Arms!

I haven’t spent a lot of time on the Heinrich, but I’ve managed to put in a little bit of time. Also, I pulled out the "good" camera for a couple in-progress shots–which should help actually show what’s being done, rather than show the world as I see it without corrective lenses.

First, I managed to mix up some Milliput, roll it as thin as possible, and apply it around the backpack as a welding bead. I just simply laid it around the edge of the backpack, "sculpted" it with a toothpick, and used a piece of angled styrene (sharpened with an Xacto knife) to make the weld marks. I think the results are probably superior to what I accomplished in several attempts on the other Heinrich I started.

Next, I worked on the arms. I picked up a new pipe cutting tool from Hobby Lobby, so I put it to task, and found it made much better cuts than the little hobby saw I’d been using. Thus, I made four upper arms (two for each Heinrich), and was even able to use the cutter to scribe in that line that separates where the upper arm rotates on the H0/H1 kit. I only needed to make two forearms (one right forearm for each Heinrich), which was accomplished just as quickly and easily with the pipe cutter. I’m unsure how (or if) I’m going to add the surface detail present on the actual Nitto kits, but I’ll try to come up with something. I also added smaller diameter styrene pipe inside the arm parts for two reasons. First, to reinforce the arm itself (the pipe cutter bends them out of circular shape pretty badly). Second, to reduce the amount of putty needed to "fill" the arms so that wire can be run into them.

One of the next steps I really want to accomplish is to finish off the torso. In order to do that, I still need to add detail to the back, on the left side. I also need to add detail to the front-center. Possibly most importantly, I need to figure out how this guy is going to "see". I’m painting over the canopy, so he needs another sensory option. I don’t want to use the part from the 1/48 Hughes that you commonly see on Mercenary units, so I need to come up with something else. Something that doesn’t completely suck.

From there, the to-do list widens out to include sculpting his "butt", putting together the legs (from parts yet to be determined), making a base, putting another figure (Tamiya 1/20 Pit Crew) with him, and finishing the other Heinrich II. No big deal. It all just has to be done by September…


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