Heinrich: Armed!

… or WITH arms, at any rate…

I feel like I’m almost halfway there–on the construction phase, at any rate. I haven’t had much time for modeling over the last couple of days. We’re getting ready for a garage sale, and I finally discovered "Guitar Hero"–which has a tendency to suck up a lot of free time. I did, however, get a couple of things done.

Following BK’s pictoral guide for joint covers, I filled the ends of the arm pieces with Milliput, let that cure for a day, and then drilled 1/16" holes in the Milliput. From there, I just put pieces of 1/16" copper rod in them and viola! My Heinrich has arms:

Now it looks like more than just debris from a weird helicopter accident. I need to add some details to the arm pieces I’ve constructed, but I’m pretty pleased right now with their overall appearance.

His "gun" arm also needs some further re-working. I used a recast of a Raptor gun arm as the foundation for it. And–just to soothe any concerns–I was trying to learn how to do resin casting last year purely for my own personal (not to be sold, redistributed, or otherwise profited from) use. I thought I’d start simple, so I made a mold for the Raptor arm and practiced casting it. As a result, I probably have about a half-dozen of the things (in various degrees of success and failure) sitting around.

Back to the gun arm, I removed the "scope" from the raptor gun, covered it with a small fake fingernail, filled in all the surface detail and gaps (around the fingernail) with putty, and sanded everything smooth. On the end of it, I drilled a pair of holes and added a 3/32" piece of pipe and a 1/16" piece of rod. Obviously, I need to reintroduce more detail to it before I call it done, but I think I’ve got a solid foundation.

Yesterday, I also ran out and picked up some square styrene tubes and half-rounds, as I’ve decided (for now, at least) that those will be the foundation for my legs. And in re-reading some of the other GB3 threads around here, I’ve got a decent idea now on how to start the feet. It’s all coming together–just somewhat slowly. At any rate, I’m glad I’m working on this "practice" Heinrich scratch-build so I can apply what I’ve learned to the other one that’s just languishing while I figure out what to do and how to do it.

Looking a little bit further ahead, I’ve got some Mr. Surfacer 500 on the way so I can give the whole thing a good cast texture. Still need to figure out the indirect sighting mechanism, though…


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