“Needs A Bigger Gun…”

Well, I made a little bit of progress on the Heinrich at the end of last week–but it was significant (at least, one big headache off my mind). And then I was side-tracked all weekend by something I was planning on using in the display of the Heinrich, but I ultimately got carried away and will probably have to re-work that idea completely. But I’ll get to that in a minute. First, the Heinrich…

As you can see, I made some small additions to the Heinrich. Fortunately, they’re both steps that I’d be trying to figure out for the better part of a week or two. Basically, what I ended up doing was pulling out the spares bin, trying to find something to stick on his chest and something (anything) that I could use as some sort of way for this poor guy to see where he was going and what he was shooting at. As it turned out, a 1/72 Hasegawa B-25J was the source for most of the pieces I needed. A Tamiya 1/35 infantry weapons set also provided some little bits to go here and there on it. Heck, I even added some leftover photoetch, just to give some raised detail. And then, of course, there were some spots where good ol’ Evergreen styrene did the trick.

The actual construction order was finding that "box" shaped thing, carving out the backside of it so the contours matched the Heinrich, adding a styrene square–which will either be or be behind the viewing "lense". From there, I attached it to the Heinrich. Then, I rolled as thin a piece of Milliput as possible, applied it around the edges, sculpted it with a toothpick, and then made weld "tics" with the point of an Xacto knife. After that, I came up with the fiddly bits to stick around the outside of it. Ultimately, I’d like to get one of those shiny pieces of confetti to use as the lense, but if I can’t pull that off, I’ll just paint it chrome and paint over that with Tamiya Clear Red.

Now that I’ve got that mostly taken care of, I think the torso is pretty-well shaped. The only step I have left is the lumpy application of Mr. Surfacer 500, which should be arriving at my door via FedEx sometime this afternoon.

Not pictured is some work I did on the gun (left) arm. Going through the same set of spares, I came up with a few parts to add some detail to that. At this point, I think I’m about done with the actual creation/shaping of the gun arm. I just need to add some detail to the other parts of both arms, and I can call those done.

And here’s what ate up my weekend: An original "BFG".

For the display of this Heinrich figure, I’d planned on including a re-sculpted 1/20 Tamiya Pit Crew figure. For fun, the figure and the Heinrich were going to be a two-man "hunting party", so I decided to craft him a great big anti-armor rifle. This involved more rummaging through the spares bin, and destroying a few "Gundam" weapons, as well. Mostly, though, it involved styrene. Lots of different styrene: tubes, I-beams, channel pieces, rods, rectangular tubes, etc. Unfortunately, I think I got carried away with this thing and it ended up just a little bit too big. So, I’m probably going to start over and make him something a little smaller. This is a real shame, as I usually don’t make very good weapons, but I thought this one turned out okay.

The Next Steps…
With the (assumed) arrival of my Mr. Surfacer 500 this afternoon, I’m going to texture the torso. Whoops–need to add the skirt-holders first! It’s a good thing I write this stuff down or I may have forgotten that altogether! Okay… Add the skirt-holders, texture, detail the arms, texture, figure out the legs, build the legs, texture, sculpt a "butt-piece" for him, paint everything, come up with something to do with that Tamiya pit crew figure, make a display base, and finished*! No problem!!!

*These steps may not necessarily be listed in order. Other steps that were not previously mentioned may be inserted into this list without prior notification. This offer is good for the current in-progress thread only and is void in Utah, New Jersey, and Oregon.


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