Weekend Progress: That’s a Pretty Big Gun…

I didn’t get much modeling done this weeked on the Heinrich projects. We had a "Bring & Build" for the local club meeting this weekend, so I opted to bring a ready-to-paint Wave AFS–thinking I could finish it up. That didn’t happen. Even worse, I couldn’t decide on a color for it so I started painting it dark yellow. I need to come up with something more exciting than that if I plan on finishing that thing…

ANYWAYS… I did get a bit of work done on the gun. Actually, the construction is finished and the paint has been started:

I’d say it’s about 85% scratchbuild and 15% kitbash. The "butt", the two handles, the scope/light on the side, the bipod, and part of the clip were all "donor parts" from various kits (yes… mostly Gundam kits). The rest was Evergreen styrene and aluminum pipe. Again, it was based heavily on these two images:

I need to clean up the paint a bit, but I’m pretty pleased with how the gun came out. After a little more time on this, I can dive back in to working on the actual Heinrich.


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