Why Re-Invent the Wheel?

I didn’t get much done last night because I was fiddle-farting around trying to get an old laptop to work with the new wireless router, but I did get a little bit done:

I was thinking about picking up a soldier action figure, so I could rip off some of the accessories to use with my guy. And then it dawned on me that–at the very least–I could use the boots of an action figure, if not the entire legs. Well, one trip to "Toys R Us" later, I had this guy–an action figure from "21st Century Toys". They design this thing to either be an articulated action figure or in a fixed pose, so he came with quite a few options and was really easy to disassemble. And some of his accessories will definitely find their way on to the final figure. Not only that, but I was impressed with the overall shape and detail of the head. Pieces and parts of this guy are going to be coming back in projects for the next few years, at the very least. He’s listed (quite prominently) as a 1:18 scale figure, but he only looks slightly–and I do mean slightly–taller than the Tamiya 1:20 Pit Crew figures. Once I switched out the torsos, they were shoulder-to-shoulder.

So… I just drilled an appropriate diameter hole in the bottom of the torso I had and stuck it right on the legs. Once I had the legs in the pose I wanted (after this picture was taken), I CA’d the joints and covered them in putty. I also cleaned up the minimal amount of flash that was present. He’ll obviously need to be re-painted, but this beats the heck out of trying to do all of that from nothing.

I’m not sure what comes next. I know the steps I need to complete–I’m just not sure in what order I’m going to hit them. At any rate, I’m pleased with things so far. That deadline sure is coming up fast, though…


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