And Now For Something Completely Different

Hopefully, I’ve got a 1/76 Neuspinne coming from WonderFest in Japan. I’ve been pretty anxious about it because–let’s face it–it’s damn cool looking. Well, as a result of that, I decided to start screwing around and making my own walker.
I think it’s a result of all these peer influences lately. FichtenFoo has been building his KV-X2 walking tank, the IHYSC just released kits of this armored crab thing (scroll down on the linked page for it). And then there’s the Neuspinne which is hopefully making its way to me. As a result, there’s been a lot of talk about–and interest in–sci-fi "walkers" lately. Heck, it seems like everyone is even making kits out of them these days. I have no such lofty aspirations for this humble creation, however.
It started life on Friday night as a simple ping pong ball. And on Sunday night, I had this. Between here and there, I added parts of another ping pong ball as raised panels (merely drew the shape on the second ping pong ball, cut it out with scissors, and used CA ("super") glue to attach it. I also framed out and added an "engine" box on the backside (visible in this overhead picture). Inside of that box, I added an engine part from a Tamiya 1/12 motorcycle kit. That same kit is also where I got the little radar dome for the front. I also added about a dozen mechaskunk beads in varying sizes to the ball, just to make it look more interesting. Oh, and there’s a seat(?) from a 1/48 helicopter and a stretched-sprue antenna on the engine deck, as well. Unfortunately, the thing takes up about 50 square inches of space. Where am I supposed to put it?!?
The legs were really simple. The part closest to the torso is 1/16" copper rod. The "joint" attached there were some cheap scale railroad wheels that I hacked apart and put back together. The other portions of the legs leading up to the feet were .032 brass rod and the road wheels from a 1/72 T-34 tank. Finally, the feet were just the rotor blades from a 1/48 Hughes 500MD helicopter.
I don’t have a clue what scale this is, what color it’s going to be, or anything else. This just started out as a ping pong ball on Friday night, and I was curious to see what I could do with it. Now, at least, I know I can something from even the simplest materials.

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