This Used To Be My Ping-Pong…

Even though I was absolutely miserable through most of the weekend with allergies, I’ve made some slow progress on the Spider Pong ("Spinnenkugel"?). Hopefully, it will acutally see completion. And sooner, rather than later. Here’s what the "ball" looked like, prior to slapping some paint on it:

From left to right, I started out with a 1/72 German anti-tank artillery piece, added a shell magazine, a wire, and other bits, and then mounted it on a tube of styrene. Next is the hatch from a 1/72 Dragon T34 tank. Also mounted on a styrene tube. And then on the right, we have a TOW launcher froma Dragon 1/72 M3A2 Bradley. There’s also a couple wires running to it. In addition, there’s a pair of stretched sprue antennas and I’ve added the thruster pieces from a 1/72 Harrier to the engine portion. The top is definitely filled up a lot better now–yet still retains that "tacked on" look I was going for. This picture also shows off those nifty Mechaskunk beads I’ve scattered around it.

I also managed to get some paint on the whole thing:

The color is a mix of the following Tamiya acrylics: Orange, Flat Red, and Hull Red–with a mix ratio of 2:5:4, respectively. I’m a lazy hand-painter, so I didn’t bother priming anything. As a result, the paint didn’t want to cover on black plastic worth a darn. So prior to painting the black pieces in that mix of red, I had to first paint them in Neutral Gray. Worked like a charm.

Oh, and–as you’ll notice in this picture–it is standing nicely on its own now. I think that construction is pretty-well complete at this point. I’ve got a few ideas for markings, but I’ll post those as they unfold. For now, I’ve got a dark red spider taking up most of my workbench. And it’s still very much "in progress".

EDIT: I forgot to mention that between the first picture and second picture, I added some smoke grenade launchers–which were just pieces of styrene tube that I hollowed out a bit more by turning an Xacto knife around the end of. I’m not convinced that I like them there, but they’ll probably stay.

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