Bottoms Up (III)

Work has been slow, but steady on the Spider Pong. Two nights ago, I went back and touched up a lot of the paint and hit everything with a flat lacquer and then a gloss one. Last night, I applied some decals and managed to get through one wash before falling asleep in the recliner that’s just too close to my workbench to keep me productive. The gloss lacquer I have on it right now is pretty light-reflective, but the shine will be much more subdued when it’s finally finished and I’ve got a few coats of flat lacquer on there.

As you can see, the li’l tank has a name now: Bottoms Up III. That particular marking came from a Hasegawa 1/72 B-25J kit. It was Bottoms Up II, but I figured I’d add a digit, in case anybody came along and was actually familiar with the B-25. I also added a yellow "17" on the other side of the ball (because it matches the yellow stripes I put on one leg) and added various warning markings from the Bandai waterslide set for the MG Rick Dias. They look very nice and in-scale on this.

Regardless of how it may appear in the pictures, I hit all the decals (including "Ms. Up") with Solvaset and that stuff works like a dream. You’d have to get your eyeballs about two inches away from the thing to see what you think might be the edge of a waterslide decal–and even then, you won’t be sure. I’ve found that if I leave the Solvaset alone to dry, it simply won’t silver. Good stuff. The best, even. 

Last night, I also applied a very sloppy dark gray wash. It started out as black mixed with hull red, and then I gave it some gray to lighten things up a bit. And the end result was just plain gray. On the "ball" portion, I’m going to hit it again with a dark red wash to obscure some of that grayness–although the gray doesn’t look too bad in person. On the leg joints, I’m planning to give it a darker wash. At the pace I’m going with this, it might just be done by the end of the week–which gives the whole thing a total build time of two weeks.

More pictures are up in the "Scale Sci-Fi" picture gallery.


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