Back to the Heinrich

I haven’t completely given up yet!
(although I’ve come close on several occasions)         Additional image: Front view

Progress has been pretty slow lately. I almost completely stopped working on him for the two weeks I was screwing around building the Spider Pong.  

Other than the skirts, I’ve pretty-well finished up the torso at this point. The side and rear skirts are going to be from the spares pile and the front skirt is going to be carved out of a ping pong ball. I’ve also nearly finished the arms. Following BK’s guide for joint covers, I tried my hand at giving him some elbow covers. I think the results are good, but not great. There’s definitely room for improvement. Fortunately, I’ll have several more opportunities to try the technique before I’m finished with this thing. There’s also some 1/16" styrene rod in there–a pair sticking out of the gun arm and a pair sticking out of the torso. These will be the anchor points for some braided hose from mechaskunk.

If I’ve got my facts and figures straight, I just have the following left to do–which I think I can manage by October 1. In no particular order:

  • Add skirts
  • Build lower legs
  • Build feet
  • Sculpt joint covers

From there, it should just be assembly, paint, and decals–in theory. Hopefully, I can pull it off.

The other part of this piece is that 1/20 figure holding the anti-armor rifle. He’s progressing (relevant photo). I need to bulk up the waist area just a slight bit more, give the pants some pockets, and then "below the belt" is done. The belt, itself, came from another 21st Century Toys 1/18 figure. All the "sculpting" (and I use/abuse that term loosely) that I’m doing is using Milliput, for lack of better material on-hand. I need to smooth out the arms–making the sleeves look decent, and probably do something with the torso itself–even if it’s only to give the guy a pocket. Also, the head needs something… Not sure what.

At this point, I don’t believe I’m going to finish that second Heinrich–the one that will use no Ma.K. parts–by the deadline. And I’m fine with that. This project has been burning me out a bit, so–once I’ve got this Heinrich done, I’ll put the other one on the shelf for a while. I’ll come back to it, but not until I’ve finished a few more builds that I’ve been wanting to start.

So that’s it. Progress is (very) slow, and not quite steady. Nevertheless, there is some progress. Questions, comments, and constructive criticisms are always welcome!


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