First Impressions: P-47 Thunderbolt EGG PLANE

There’s progress being made on the Heinrich build–in fact, I think the end is in sight. I don’t, however, have any pictures to back up that statement. And I think that any progress I do show needs to have some progress behind it. Before I left this morning, I actually rested the torso on the legs so it was free-standing. The legs still need quite a bit of work before they’re done, though. So with all that un-progress being thrown about, I’ll just hold off till I can actually show something.

I think it’s probably a stretch calling this "Real World: Scale Aircraft", but it’s certainly based on a real enough plane. It’s just a slightly distorted proportion. Okay, it’s a very distorted proportion, but that’s what makes it cute.

The parts count on these kits are very, very low. Like, "HobbyBoss" 1/72 aircraft, but with even less cockpit detail. For that matter, surface and engine detail are very under-stated, as well. There are no wheel wells, and the only engraved lines present are for the control surfaces. These kits aren’t supposed to be accurate representations of their real-world counterparts, in case you couldn’t tell. The wings (on this kit) are a single piece for each wing, although their F4U Corsair egg plane actually has top and bottom wing pieces. In short, these are very simplified representations (remember: "cute"). They were also originally molded some 20 years ago–which is why some other kits have raised panel lines and other things you don’t see so often in modern kits.
I’ve actually had a chance to start in on this kit. My original goal was to crank this out in time for a contest, but–due to car trouble and other obligations–I’m probably done with contests for 2008. The progress I’ve made so far has been a little shaky. Parts fit has been reasonably good, but parts alignment hasn’t been so good. The only real parts that need to match up well are the fuselage halves and… They don’t line up very well at all. Plan on spending some time with putty and sandpaper with this kit in order to get the fuselage presentable–even in its intentionally distorted state. I think once I get past that, this kit should fly together without any additional difficulties. The kit contains markings for two aircraft in two very different paint schemes, so there is some choice to be had with the kit. For that matter, the decals look very nice and shouldn’t present any problems. And, unlike the HobbyBoss 1/72 aircraft, stripe decals are included, where appropriate.
I’d still recommend this to anyone looking for a break from the usual. I think this will be a cute little conversation piece once it’s finished. My daughter already likes it, and I haven’t even put any paint to it. In terms of skill level–aside from the issue with the fuselage–I think just about any modeler can take a shot at one of these. It’s cute, it’s small, and it’s relatively easy.
And no, they don’t come with the little cartoon figures on the box cover.

For a look at some other Egg Planes, check out the following previews on

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