Todeslöffel (“Death Spoon”)

So another Group Build is already gearing up on the Maschinen Krieger message boards–and the last one isn’t quite over yet. The rules for the Group Build are simple: "Design and build an unmanned unit that uses a spoon(s) in the build. This group build is inspired by Kow’s frequent use of spoons and Rodger’s and Steve’s recent use of these every day items. Spoons of all shapes and sizes, soup, serving, slotted, even ladles. Sporks are welcome here too. Forks, sorry not this time."
Some folks have put forth some truly amazing works already. This one by Bryan Krueger, is particulary inspiring (it started out looking like this).
I really have no clue where I’m going with this thing yet, but I’ve got spoons!

Other than the five Ben & Jerry’s spoons on the left (and no, I haven’t eaten all that ice cream yet), this project has–at this time–set me back $4. A trip to the local "Dollar Tree" produced the other spoon sets, which should give me ample ammunition to come up with something for this Group Build. I’ve got three different possible ideas streaking through my head, but no solid plans yet. I need to finish up that Heinrich before I really just sit down and try to figure this out.

I’m thinking of possibly doing something similar to Bryan’s build. Or… Possibly some 1/20 autonomous robot–similar to the Großerhund. Or… Maybe another walker-type thing, like the Spider Pong. At this point, it’s all very much up in the air. Like I said, once the Heinrich is finished, I’ll start looking at this a lot more seriously–or as serious as one can get while building something out of spoons.
No fear, no limits, and no clue.

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