Putting Lipstick on the Pig: The HobbyBoss 1/72 F4F-4 Wildcat

Every year, our local IPMS chapter tries to have a little contest. We usually shoot to have it done in three months and it usually turns into six. In 2006, it was a 1/32 post-apocalyptic car challenge, in 2007, it was the 1/72 F4U Corsair challenge, and this year? This year, we’re all doing a 1/72 Wildcat. Specifically, a 1/72 HobbyBoss Wildcat. No problem there–they make four different Wildcats, all of which are widely available at local hobby shops (and online) and all retail for under $10. To sweeten the deal, one of the members ordered an aftermarket set of decals/markings for 1/72 Wildcats so we all wouldn’t be sitting there staring at the same paint schemes.
Great idea–these things always start out with a fairly decent amount of enthusiasm. And here we are… Several monts later and nine days away from the contest. And… The propeller is painted… It’s a start! HobbyBoss 1/72 WWII aircraft are notoroiously simple in construction: One-piece fuselage, simplified cowling, etc. It keeps the parts count under 25 pieces. I think I could probably knock this thing out in 6-8 hours of work. The problem is motivation.
I just came off that Heinrich build and I’m looking for something fun. This Wildcat, while easy, doesn’t exactly fit the bill. Fortunately, I’ve got some items coming in the mail today that may give me the motivation I’m looking for. More about that soon…

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