I must be crazy for trying this…

Hot on the heels of finishing the scratch-built Heinrich I’ve decided to give him a companion. And, because I just must be absolutely nutty, I’m going to scratch-build most of this one too. This is to see how much I actually learned from the Heinrich build and to see how difficult it would be to repeat that process (Heinrich kits are still hard to come by!). So… A while back, someone sent me a bunch of odds & ends. I won’t point a finger at him so he doesn’t end up with more requests for pieces & parts. Amongst the bits he sent was the halves for a SAFS torso. And that’s my starting point. The only Ma.K. parts I’ll be using on this thing will be the torso, the top hatch (plus hatch part) and the interior piece where the head goes. Everything else will be either scratch-built or salvaged from other kits.

Ping pong balls & spoons will be coming into play on this one…

I started this on Friday night, and my goal is to have it done by Saturday morning–including working a 40+hour work-week and pulling down two part-time shifts from another job. I think it’s time to pull the coffee maker out of the garage sale pile and put it next to the work bench!

At any rate, I’ve been surprised and very happy with what I’ve accomplished so far.

Additional images:

Right now, he looks a little bit Raptor-like. The whole premise for this thing is that it was a wrecked SAFS salvaged by the SDR on/near the front lines and rebuilt and put into action. And, amazingly, I’ve already done in three days what literally took me months of spare time to figure out on the Heinrich.

The torso is going to be a heavily "patched" SAFS torso–nearly done. The right arm is going to be a scratch-built slightly altered version of the SAFS arm–also nearly done. The left arm is going to have a SAFS upper arm (nearly done) and a Gustav-style gun arm (in progress). The skirts (done) and legs (in progress–probably 65% done) are going to match the other Heinrich I did. The feet (unstarted) are–again–going to be sculpted from Milliput. Not sure about the pilot yet, but I may use one of those female heads.

The name of the whole thing is going to be the "P.K.A.F.S." – A combintation of "P.K.A." (which is the most common SDR armored suit) and "S.A.F.S.".

So… It’s been a busy weekend, working all day Saturday and spending my spare time in the evenings trying to get this figured out. Right now, I’m happy with it and reasonably certain I can have it done by Saturday morning. I only wish I’d thought of this four weeks ago…


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