Struggling Forward With the P.K.A.F.S.

I’ve made some progress. At this point, I’m so sleep-deprived that I don’t know if it’s a little progress or a lot of progress–or if I’m going to finish by Saturday. My baby daughter’s been running a fever, and I’m working today, tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night. Sleep? Who needs it!

As you can see, I’ve painted it gray. Exciting, isn’t it? I’ll try to keep straight what I’ve done since the last update… I’ve finished both arms (and attached them). This included making a left SAFS-style hand from an old MG Zaku II hand, styrene, and putty. I think it actually looks pretty good. I also finished up the Gustav-style right arm. This was just the TOW launcher from that 1/48 Hughes and a part of an airplane drop tank. For the shoulder armor, I used a ping pong ball and thin strip styrene Joints were Milliput, per BK’s excellent tutorial. I think that’s about it for the torso, really…

Legs are probably 65-75% done. I’ve got them assembled, but I still need to add joint covers and the hose/cable attachment point. Once again, the feet were sculpted from scratch using Milliput and then I just put a small piece of styrene strip on the feet to mimic the Heinrich look.

The pilot is just going to be one of those great female heads from BrickWorks(?) that were sold during and after WonderFest last year.

It’s still definitely looking rough, but once I get the paint scheme on there and apply the markings, washes, and weathering; I think it will shape up nicely.

I think I can possibly get it done on time, if everything lines up right. And if I don’t, I’ve missed a whole lot of sleep for nothing!

More pics are in the "Maschinen Krieger" photo album on the blog, if you’re interested.

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