P.K.A.F.S. Finished!

Well, I met the self-imposed deadline on this one. After a twelve-hour marathon sprint to the finish line, I called it "done" at 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning. For more info on the build, just scroll through the blog.

Walk-Around: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
Other views: 1 / 2

She has more than a few problems and shortcomings–she’s a far cry from perfect–but I can live with most of it. For the first female head I’ve ever painted, I think she could have come out a lot worse. Basically, I just painted the hair in NATO Brown, washed it with Flat Earth and then a flat black. Gave the lips a little bit of a pink hue, left too much black out of the eyes, and her face was done.

The paint scheme is very, very similar to the Heinrich scratch-build, but there’s some minor differences. The pattern isn’t as "thick" as it was on the Heinrich, and I brought up the line where it goes from light gray to medium gray onto the torso, as I think it looks better that way. Aside from that, she’s got the same unit marking and same ID bands. They’re a match!

This definitely wasn’t problem-free. I had a horrible time trying to get the hatch to stay in that position. I used a piece of 1/72 landing gear for the hatch mechanism. My shaky hands just had trouble holding it in place long enough for the CA to grab on. I think that’s about it, really, for what isn’t covered in the build thread.

Once she was done, I put her and the Heinrich on their base…

(larger view)

… And I’m going to be re-doing that base. There were a few problems with it–which I’ll blame on sleep depriviation–but it needs to be done again from scratch. I’ll probably stick with that same general idea, though.

So… I did it, I’m glad I did it, and <famous last words>I’m never going to do anything like that sort of deadline ever again</famous last words>. I’m very, very happy with the model, but there were just too many sacrifices made along the way–most importantly, sleep.


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