Feedback On The P.K.A.F.S.

Since posting her, I’ve received some great feedback from–what I consider to be–some of the best Ma.K. modelers out there. Here’s a slightly altered version of my reply to their comments:
It was a tough job getting it done. I was up 45 straight hours between working on the model and working two jobs (thankfully, my third job didn’t need me this weekend). And putting in twelve straight hours on this thing right in the middle of my super-long "day" really took a toll on me in the short term. That 5-Hour Energy stuff really came in handy.
Skinnybob: Base looks fine … just leave it alone  
Maschinen Krueger: Base looks fine to me.
That’s because you’re seeing it from the only angle where it does look fine. At the beginning of my last session, I used white glue to stick the cardboard to the wood, turned it upside down on a bookshelf, and stacked 20 pounds of books on it. At that point, I ignored it for the next eight hours. When I finally DID go look at it, I learned that the cardboard was completely off-center to the wooden base. It looks really silly at any viewing angle but from the front.

Maschinen Krueger: Well, you did it. That’s a good looking pair of scratch builds. Must be an cobbled together unit with such different suits. I like the longer lower legs of the SAFS, it’s not so ape looking.
Thanks! The fictional back-story I had bouncing around my head is that a SDR unit is logistically isolated from its supply lines. Thanks to the PKA camo card translation, I’ve now learned that the unit was the 2nd Heavy Artillery Main Battalion, deployed to Northern Ireland. A shortage of supplies and equipment meant that they were forced to make due with whatever materials they had on-hand to keep their unit viable and operational. Thus, a field-modified Heinrich and a salvaged/captured S.A.F.S.

… And I will do a Merc PKA one of these days–just not the Skinhead. And probably not anytime soon.  

Lin.K.: hey hey, you made it! Good man and that’s very impressive. Not only did you not have enough time to sleep but you even burnt some of that with a WIP thread!  

The figure looks good, there are girls like that here with the blue-glow-eye look and it matches her suit.

Base texture is great, goes with the suits well.

What paint are you using for the brown blotches? I think it might work a little better if they were less opaque if you know what I mean? They would self blend a little and let even more of the blue through. That or perhaps take some steel wool to them before sealing? Random ideas.  

Who had time to sleep?!? I think I burned up several years worth of "midnight oil" during the last week. I also found that I had a much easier time staying focused when I had music going in the background, instead of television programming (the "XM Classical" channel, for those of you keeping score at home). Thanks on the figure. I can’t decide if her eyes look like she’s got cataracts or if she’s part of the cast of the old "Dune" movie.

As for the camo… It could have been done quite a bit better. I was just stumbling through it at that point. The scheme came straight off a PKA H1 camo card. The Heinrich is much more weathered, and I kept her weathering lighter–probably too light. The "brown" is actually Tamiya Hull Red. I think the whole thing would have benefited from just light dry-brushing with the base color, but I’m probably not going to go back and fix it at this stage. In the future, I won’t be killing myself with the stupid deadline, so I’ll definitely incorporate those suggestions into my builds.

Ravenworks 69: The female pilot looks like she pooped herself. Good! Gives it more realism. I’d poop myself in a combat zone too. The rear sheet metal plates on the back are great and "Margo" on the side give it a great touch.
She does look a bit… strained? Thanks about the rear plates. More chunks of a ping pong ball put to good use. "Margo" came from that same great sheet of 1/48 Bf109 markings that I took the unit marking from. It was either that or "Christl", but I liked the stylized writing of "Margo" a little better. This sheet will provide me with literally dozens of SDR unit markings for years to come.

The overall look/result of this may be my favorite Ma.K. build to-date. She’s a long way from perfect, but she’s pretty in her own way and I’m pretty happy with her.


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