Ma.G. Z’Gok

I need something simple to work on after the last few scratch-builds. So I’ve been thinking over the past few days… Ever since I got into the whole Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K.) thing, I’ve been fascinated by an online competition that was hosted by Ma.K. modelers, taking a crack at Gundam models. They called it the Ma.G – Ma.K modeller’s GUNDAM compe:

In particular, this one really caught my eye. With my recent scratch-building nightmares over (for now), I felt an urge to return to gunpla, but I couldn’t quite break free of the Ma.K. build style. So… Last night, I started this weird little hodge-podge build. And sorry for the poor picture quality–it was the camera phone… again.

This is the North American release of the HGUC Z’Gok (picked up a couple of years ago at "Big Lots" for $3), along with a 1/20 Ma.K. pilot/operator. The only difference with the North American release is that it was supposed to include an additional English instruction sheet, but this one seemed to be missing it. Obviously, it’s just been snapped together at this stage, with a MG hand thrown on one arm, much of the guts cut out, and not much else.

I’ve got some ideas on this one. Two or three different color schemes, with Russian armor (and markings) and a darker, less shiny version of "Iron Man" being the other favorite right now.

There’s also the matter of modifications. I’ll probably keep the fingers from that left hand but build a new hand to stick them on. The right arm? Some gun of a yet-to-be-determined nature. The back of the thing will probably end up looking something like a Ma.K. Fireball, without the engine bells. And, of course, there will be some hoses running to a few different spots on it (time to make another order from mechaskunk).

I had originally planned on using the head of the Z’gok as a sort of commander’s cupola, but unless I change how the pilot sits in there, that’s probably not going to happen. So… The pilot may end up being very exposed but hey–this is sci-fi–he’s protected by plot armor!  

This is just something fun to do as a transition between my last Ma.K. builds and trying to do a new Gundam model out of box (no modifications).


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