1/72 Wildcat: Not Done

That’s right… I cruised right by the contest deadline. Mostly because I was working on that P.K.A.F.S. It wasn’t for lack of trying, though… I was trying to work on both of them at the same time–which probably resulted in twice as many models looking half as good as they could.
At any rate, I made it pretty far. Despite my original, somewhat negative, impressions of this HobbyBoss kit, it’s grown on me. Construction couldn’t be simpler. Painting’s been a breeze so far, and the decals are of decent quality (they snug down tight, even before the decal setting solution is used).
It’s still got a bit of a ways to go. I still need to go over it with washes, touch up at least one area with paint, do some slight weathering, hit it with even more Dullcote, and then add the canopy onto the top.
The unexpected thing is that I want to finish it. This model has really grabbed my attention to the point where I think I like it and i’m looking forward to seeing it done. It’s no Tamiya 1/72 kit. It’s not even quite up to Hasegawa levels, but it is looking pretty good.
So, even though I missed the contest and I’m only building this thing for myself now, I will finish building it. This won’t end up sitting incomplete in a box on the shelf.

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