Something MaK’d This Way Comes…

Something’s been bothering me at work for a long time: It’s this Wave AFS Mk. II that I have sitting there as representing my scale modeling efforts to my co-workers. Sure, it’s a good build. It’s even won me a medal in a contest. But it’s boring. As Maschinen Krieger designs go, it’s probably about my least favorite. It (and its three variants) are also the only Ma.K. models currently in production by a major plastic model kit company. It’s also been sitting on my desk for well over a year.
I’ve thought about brining in one of my Heinrichs–or even that P.K.A.F.S. thing I just finished, but there’s an additional hurdle: The only real "display space" I have on my desk is on top of a CD rack–which also happens to sit next to the cubicle-style wall which divides my office from my supervisor’s office. And the wall completely divides it. This means that we have to take about thirty paces down a hallway to see eye-to-eye, in the literal sense. So… When she has papers she needs me to look at, she often (with warning) just passes them over the wall. Despite my best efforts, things don’t always land in my hands. This has already cost me one good build (and I lament on that one more than I used to). I know the blog entry says that it was damaged by a stress ball. Well, it was–but then it was then summarily destroyed by something else she passed over the wall.
So, I don’t want to put one of my more delicate Ma.K. builds in here. And I don’t want another AFS variant, either. So… Gustav it is.
Last night, I cleaned the plastic of mold release (or so I hope) and started painting the pilot bust. I won’t be using the included Nitto pilot figure. The features are ridiculously soft. Instead, I’m going to be using one of the copies I’ve made of the Yosci pilot bust. Since I still haven’t perfected my resin casting, the details on the torso are a little rougher than the original, but that’s okay. It just looks like the shirt he’s wearing has some wear-and-tear. Hopefully, the whole thing will be tough enough to stand up to any obstacles that may be thrown at it (again, literally) here in the office. Progress photos will follow.

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