I’m A Very Lucky Guy…

This weekend, I did no modeling. Not a lick of it. I busted my butt working on Saturday, and when it was all over I just killed the free time with a "new" (very used) Xbox game. That wasn’t to say it was a model-free weekend–but that’s a good thing. My wonderful, supportive, loving girl went to an antique show-slash-flea market on Saturday and scored me two early birthday presents. And, being the giving soul that she is, she couldn’t wait so she gave them to me on Saturday.
First up was a great 1/48 P-47D bubbletop by Tamiya. She actually recognized the Tamiya logo and knew that it was one of the kit manufacturers I favor. I know–I’m a lucky, lucky man. The kit, itself, is really kinda neat. It’s a typical Tamiya aircraft kit–excellent details, etc., but for added fun, it has a little motor in it. So… you flick the propeller blade and it starts spinning for a bit. Oh, and the wheels have actual bearings in them, so the whole thing will taxi forward once assembled. She says "you’re probably never going to build this, are you?"–noting that I have literally hundreds of kits that I have yet to even start. I hope not. I hope this one gets built. First, though, I need to finish up the Junkers Ju88 she got me last year…
The other kit was a 1931 wagon-truck from Minicraft. A 1/16 "Hoochmobile". Love the name, and the thing is huge–and very detailed. This would definitely be a unique display piece, but I think I need to get a few more techniques under my belt before I dive into that one.
Yeah… I’m a very lucky guy.

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